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In keeping with our vision of being "the best, everywhere, all the time", the objective of the OC Reports is to deliver a regular insight into issues impacting business performance. These briefings will address a range of subjects, with specially commissioned reports that will allow a deeper understanding of the changing world of office recruitment.

Secretarial Drain - June 2007
The first OC Report puts the focus on the "Secretarial Drain" and analyses the key questions it throws up - such as underlying causes, who it affects most and what the repercussions are for businesses like your own.

It's no secret that our working life has changed, leading many managers and professionals to become their own 'virtual secretaries'. Yet the OC Report highlights that this isn't the only reason for a 20% decline in the number of secretaries in the market over the past decade. As the property market soars, detailed research indicates that house prices could be shaping the way workforces migrate across the different regions. Have we reached a point where the ability to source the best secretary is now governed by whether the best talent can afford to live within an affordable commutable distance? Is it a skills shortage or a housing issue?

To read the full report for yourself, simply click here to download a pdf version.