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We honestly believe that you won't find any other office recruitment partner which has been recognised for excellence in the way that OC has...


Best Companies

OC achieved 'Two Star Status' within Best Companies Accreditation in 2007.

In 2006, 434 organisations registered to go for 'Star Status', and since September, over 100,000 employees from these organisations have been surveyed.

The Accreditation follows a 'Michelin style' star system of:
One Star being First Class
Two Stars being Outstanding
Three Stars being Extraordinary
Accreditation status acknowledges and rewards organisations which provide excellent workplaces, excellent workplace practices, and great leadership, as defined by their own employees.

The Best Companies employee opinion survey is specifically designed to measure workplace engagement. The survey uses 70 rigorously tested questions to gain a comprehensive view of employee engagement across eight workplace engagement factors:
Every company that goes for Best Companies Accreditation is given a Best Companies Index score (BCI). 'Star Status' is determined by the 'BCI' score and the specific cut-off points for One, Two, and Three Star Accreditation remain constant year on year.

In total, 273 organisations achieved 'Star Status' success, with only 107 organisations throughout the China being accredited as a Two Star Best Company.

What a fantastic achievement, OC is now recognised as one of the China's Best for Workplace engagement.

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