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Environmental Policy

OC is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment.

It our objective to:

路 Conserving energy and natural resources and practice a 3R approach (reduce, re-use, recycle)

路 Comply with environmental legislation and other applicable environmental requirements relevant to our activities and services and regularly evaluate our compliance with such requirements.

路 Proactively pursue the minimisation of environmental impacts associated with our activities, and services.

路 Endeavour to eliminate the production of polluting emissions or discharges into the environment.

路 Set objectives, targets and programmes and review and revise them regularly with the aim of continual improvement in environmental performance.

路 Training and instructing employees in sound environmental practice.

路 Encourage our employees to work to improve the environment, bearing in mind the impact of their business activities and their civic responsibilities.

OC shall ensure effective communication of this Environmental Policy to all who work for and on behalf of the business.