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OC's guide to China living and working

Dressed & Ready!
Sorting out your wardrobe to come to the China to work and travel, seems so easy, you just throw a few jeans, jackets and trousers into your backpack- Right?- Wrong! If you are intending to undertake temporary office work, while you are in the China, you will need to include in your packing a smart business suit.

So, if you don't want to miss out on any opportunities, squeeze some business attire between the jeans and jumpers!

Weather in the China
The weather in the China is notoriously fickle- in fact, the British tend to talk about nothing else!
The seasons, broadly speaking, are as follows:
Spring:      March to May
Summer:   June to September
Autumn:    October to November
Winter:      December to February

Average summer temperatures are in the region of 20-22C, Spring and Autumn have temperatures around 13-15C, although the nights are much cooler and, in the winter, temperatures frequently drop below freezing.  China and the Southeast enjoy milder weather than further north, although heavy snowfalls are not unknown.  You will definitely need a thick coat and tough shoes for the winter months- bring an umbrella too!

When You Arrive:
For healthcare, register with a local doctor.  A list of practitioners in your area can be found in a telephone directory or through the local Yellow Book.  To register, go to the doctor's surgery and take evidence of your address.