The office recruitment specialists

The office recruitment specialists

Shanghai - Testimonial from Angela Lee


As a graduate fresh out of University, I signed up with OC Recruitment looking for temporary work. Like most jobseekers, OC was not the only agency I signed up with, however, in the thirteen months that have followed, it has been the only agency I have worked through. This is not something that I can put down to a lack of options, but rather the great service that OC, has provided.

This high quality service began as early as the registration process when the consultant made me feel very comfortable whilst guiding me through various tests and an initial interview. Her ability to sort out exactly what I wanted to do very quickly, also really allowed me to relax throughout the procedure.

Following the registration process the service the consultant provided continued in a similar fashion - something illustrated most clearly through the roles she has found for me. All the roles really suited my skills, expectations and even my personality. Indeed, the way in which each new role has surpassed the last, both in terms of difficulty and pay, is something I have really appreciated. Through my current role I have recently been offered a permanent position, something that has taken me by surprise, albeit a very pleasant one!

The consultant's commitment and dedication has also really impressed me. Indeed, throughout my time with OC, her regular phone calls have demonstrated a sense of genuine care and have emphasised a personal touch that has enabled OC to stand out from the other recruitment companies in my area.

Overall therefore, the service that the consultant has provided has been simply exceptional and has, in the last few months, persuaded me to recommend OC to a number of my friends and colleagues.

Angela Lee

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